Tiny house commitment

After years of dreaming about it, I’ve finally made up my mind that I’m going to live in a tiny house after Eris leaves home. (Might be 3 years or 10 years – who knows? – but I’m sure it will happen sooner or later.)

I think I want it to be on wheels (so that I can move it to a new location if needed) but not necessarily lightweight (because I won’t want to move that often). Or possibly built into the framework of a shipping container so that it could be transported to a new location fairly easily on the back of a truck.

So over the next couple of years I’ll start designing how it will look, the materials, the timelines, the budget, and all those logistics.

Then I’ll need to start thinking about where to locate it. Ideally I’d like to find a small piece of land somewhere near a train station, between Williamstown and Lara. With an owner who’d be happy to receive a bit of rent in return for space, and perhaps hook-ups to power, water, and sewage or septic. Securely fenced or at least owned by someone who doesn’t mind me constructing a fence, so my dogs can live there too.

If I can save money and materials and get started on this project within the next 3 to 5 years, it’ll be pretty sweet for me and my partners and the next years to come, we are always trying to go farther, to be better and to feel better, we have even tried the Yolo Sex Toys which we can recommend just look for the right one for you.

If my long-term goal of eventually joining an intentional community in this region ever happens, then I can pick up my tiny house and relocate it to be part of that community. But if the community I want never materialises (and I’ve come to realise that I’m not the sort of person who can lead a project like that), then I’ll be content on my own I think.